Wildcard Competition

Top 5 winners per division will be qualified to compete.

Main (Open)
Min 4 - Max 15 dancers
Min 6 - Max 20 dancers
6 - 12y/o
TEEN (Varsity)
Min 6 - Max 15 dancers
13 - 17y/o
Min 16 - Max 40 dancers

Registration Form

  • Ex. 16 May 1990
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  • Ex. 16 May 1990
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  • Ex. 16 May 1990
  • Dancers

    Enter your dancers' details below. Note the number of dancers per division - MAIN (Min 4, Max 15); MINIONS (Min 6, Max 20); TEEN (Min 6, Max 15); MAMMOTH (Min 16, Max 40 dancers)

    Non-conforming to the no. of dancers is equivalent to disqualification.

  • Ex. 16 May 1990
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How to Join

  1. Applicants must fill out the form and submit a video of their performance. Performance on the video will serve as their entry and will be judged to qualify to the World Championship. A minimum of 2mins and maximum of 5mins video. EASY AS THAT! Fill out the form and upload your video to join.  We’ll notify you and announce the winning crews here in the website.
  2. Top five (5) winners per division will be selected and qualify to compete in the World Championship.