Australian Championship – Domination Street Dance Competition

Top 5 winners will advance to the World Championship

Main (Open)
Min 4 - Max 15 dancers
Min 6 - Max 20 dancers
6 - 12y/o
TEEN (Varsity)
Min 6 - Max 15 dancers
13 - 17y/o
Min 16 - Max 40 dancers

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  • Please note the number of dancers per division:
    MAIN (Min 4, Max 15); MINIONS (Min 6, Max 20); TEEN (Min 6, Max 15); MAMMOTH (Min 16, Max 40 dancers)
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How to Join


MAIN (Open)

The core battle of the event. Each crew must consist of 4 to 15 dancers of all ages. Cash prize and lucrative perks await!

TEEN (Varsity)

A special division for the hip and young. Teens from 13 to 17 years of age. Exciting perks awaits. Gather yourselves up and stand out among the rest. Dare to be the best!


Wanna show your strength in numbers? Why not? Mammoth category is specially created to show your crew’s tremendous awesomeness! Enlist your gigantic crew with a minimum of 20 dancers. Be the incredible.


Developing dancing skills at a young age is awesome; showing the results off, even more better! Let our youngsters show the world what they got in a division made exclusively for them. Consisting of 6-20 dancers with ages 6-12 per crew, Minions division is the venue for our young talents to experience and enjoy the benefits of joining a healthy competition at a young age.